Cadiz Water Project

Cadiz Water Project: Contact Rep. Cook

May 26, 2017 - San Bernardino County CA - Congressman Paul Cook (R-CA, 8th District) is up for reelection in 2018 and supports the Cadiz Water Project which would pump groundwater out of the Mojave Desert to be piped to coastal southern California cities. The project will damage springs in the Mojave National Preserve. You can contact Paul Cook and tell him that his support of a project would only benefit a big company and will harm groundwater resources in the area. This is mostly fossil water, and recharge takes decades if not centuries. Contact him >>here.

Cadiz Groundwater Storage Project--A Bad Idea in the Desert

April 11, 2017 - The Trump adminsitration removed one of the main obstacles holding up the Cadiz water storage project, changing an adminisyrative finding from 2015 that the company seeking to store groundwater under the Cadiz Basin had to undergo extensive environmental review to use 43 miles of existing railraid route for its water pipeline. This original finding would have meant the Cadiz water company would need to obtain a Right-of-Way to use this railroad Right-of-Way across Bureau of Land Management land. The company is seeking to pump groundwater from wells west of Needles CA and pipe it to the Cadiz basin, to then sell to urban areas in Orange County.

The project may also be seeking financial aid from the federal government, as it was mentioned in a memo by the Trump Administration for a possible infrasctructure stimulus pick.

Check out Mojave Desert Blog for an excellent summary of the current situation concerning this unsustainable proposal.