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PR Campaigns on Local Towns

Companies, even renewable energy companies, like to have support from their neighbors. We collected a sample of advertisements and mail-outs from Solar Millennium, a German-based company which is seeking to build several very large utility-scale solar thermal parabolic trough power plants in California and Nevada, some very close to towns and residences.

<Ad in the local phone book for Amargosa Valley, Nevada.













We obtained this flier from a resident of Ridgecrest, California, who told us only select people recieved it. For a power plant it is amusing to see happy laughing families and childern playing. The company neglected to point out that it will be using many hazardous substances, such as the synthetic oil Therminol, which is potentially explosive as it is heated to high temperatures in the solar field.

"Protecting our water resources" is an interesting statement considering that the company wants to pump potable water for cooling its power plant in a critically overdrafted desert basin:



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