Proposed Solar Power Plants in Western Nevada

All these applications on public land are concentrated solar power, either parabolic mirrors or Fresnel reflectors. Not all of the map is shown, some applications are next to Tonopah to the north. Nye County Solar 1, for example, has applied for 27,520 acres for its proposed 200-300 Mw parabolic trough plant in Rock Valley Wash. Pacific Solar Investments wants parcels of 7,000 to 11,000 acres for two 500 Mw and one 1,000 Mw parabolic trough plants in the Big Dune area. This would probably conflict with off-roaders using Big Dune. The entire area is Desert tortoise habitat. Solar Millenium wants three separate parcels for 150-350 Mw parabolic trough power plants, covering 13,227 acres in Nye County, at a cost of $1 billion (according to the Pahrump Valley Times).

Source: BEC Environmental for Bureau of Land Management.

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