Bird and Wildlife Report

This letter was sent to us by residents of Searchlight, Nevada. They are concerned about the effects of a large wind energy project next to their land and how it may impact the animals that live there. (The photos are ours.)

^Searchlight Hills.

June 26, 2009

We spent Thursday night and most of the day Friday at our desert house, and spent a little bit of time watching the birds. Saw the following:

Scott’s Orioles (2)
Flicker* (3)
Flycatcher* (3)
Brown-headed cowbirds
White-capped sparrow
Gambel Quail by the dozens, with babies of all sizes

*not sure which type of flicker, but 3 were at the feeder at the same time. Also don’t know exactly which type of flycatcher. They had a small crest.

Also, saw several jackrabbits, numerous cottontails and ground squirrels.

At other times we have seen a barn owl, roadrunners, ladder backed woodpeckers, verdins, lots of thrashers, black chinned hummingbirds, black-headed grosbeak, and several birds I couldn’t identify.

^Black-headed grosbeak.

We’ve also seen red-tailed hawks, vultures, a Harris Hawk, and had a family of Coopers Hawks a few years ago that were very tame....

^Cooper's hawk.

In addition, I have seen flocks of both geese and cranes migrating overhead. Don’t know which variety of either one, as they were at quite a high elevation. Don’t have any idea of how high.

It’s been some time since we’ve seen one, but have had bobcats come in to drink. Likewise, see coyote scat, but haven’t seen or heard one for a few months.


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