Searchlight Wind Energy Project

Rally to Protest the Wind Project

February 23, 2013 - Searchlight, NV - Fifty or more people showed up to hold signs and protest the plans by Duke Energy to build a large industrial wind project on the beautiful Searchlight Hills. Local residents, Colorado River Tribal members, representatives of La Cuna de Aztlan Sacred Sites Protection Circle, and environmentalists stood along Highway 95 for hours and there was a lot of enthusiasm.

^The area is home to a dense population of Desert tortoise, as well being near to Spirit Mountain (Avi-Kwame in the Mojave language; in the Uto-Aztecan language it means Tlalocan), a sacred center along the Colorado River cared for by Native people.

^Spirit Mountain, Avi kwame, a Traditional Cultural Property listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Spirit Mountain is the center of creation for Yuman speakers.

^Digital image of how the 400-plus-foot tall wind turbine generators would appear in the Searchlight Hills if the project is approved by the Department of Interior.

^Lush Joshua tree woodlands surround the area. Joshua trees would be bulldozed and roads would be blasted into rocky ridges.

^Joshua tree woodland threatened with fragmentation by the proposed wind project.

^Moonrise and Joshua tree.


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