Ocotillo Express Wind Project

Second Wind Turbine Accident

November 22, 2016 - Yuha Desert CA - The Ocotillo Express Wind Project is completely shut down today after one of the wind turbine generators collapsed for unknown reasons. Each turbine weighs 200 tons and this fell 200 feet. This is the Yuha Desert and public roads are nearby, and there are no fences or warning signs about industrial hazards to the public. This is turbine 126.

The collapse happened at approximately 10:30 AM. The wind was blowing at around 12 to 15 mph according to local residents. The turbine bent into the wind, not away from the wind. The bend in the tower is not at a joint. The entire wind project was shut down at 12:29 PM. The wind turbine generator is a Siemens 2.37MW-108 SWT turbine.

Local residents heard the collapse as the heavy tower broke and hit the ground with a loud "boom." It shook the ground. Some people commented they first thought it was a small airplane crash.

See the Facebook page. Photos by Jim Pelley.

Blade Throw Endangers People on Public Land

^All photos courtesy of Jim Pelley.

May 17, 2013 - A massive blade from one of the 112 wind turbines recently built broke off the turbine rotor and was thrown to the ground. Pattern Energy said it is curtailing all turbines with B53 blade type globally until they are considered safe, and the Ocotillo project itself was shut down. In April a similar accident happened in Iowa.

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