Dust Storm

August 25, 2013 - On August 22 a massive dust storm rolled over the town of Ocotillo and the wind project constructed there, and residents are caught in a "blackout." Scraping of desert soils may increase the probablity of dust storms such as these.

More at East County Magazine.

Massive Dust Violations

May 18, 2012 - Videos and photos taken on May 17 show Pattern Energy is in violation of dust mitigation agreements, just two days after Interior Secretary Ken Salazar signed off onto the approval. This is our public land that is being scraped.

The wind began to blow about 7:30 PM and the fugitive dust was in the air and traveling all the way to the Ocotillo town community Park and beyond. Residents have had to deal with huge amounts of dust blowing into their homes from this wind project. Notice in the videos how the natural desert surface is not releasing dust: the intact desert pavement soil surface, biological soil crust, and plant roots hold the dust down. Only when mechanically disturbed is the dust blown.

Please call the Imperial County Air Pollution Control District at 1-760-482-4606 and demand that Pattern/Blattner and Pyramid Construction control the fugitive dust as required.



^Dust continues to blow at Ocotillo Wind Facility / Pattern Energy / Blattner Energy on May 17, 2012. No water trucks in sight; no water on the ground, dust can be seen for miles blowing right into homes and the County Park where kids play.




Residents are reporting dust residue on their porches and cars 2 miles away east of this site. Valley fever, asthma, and other health issues could result from this dust violation so close to communities.

^Wind Project construction on Colorado Desert near the town of Ocotillo in the Imperial Valley.



^Ocotillo wind facility parking lot construction dust on May 16, 2012. No water trucks in sight for over one hour, construction was not stopped as dust contiuned.


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