Construction Begins

October 2010 - PLEASE RESPECT LEGAL RIGHT-OF-WAY BOUNDARIES -- DO NOT TRESPASS ON PROJECT SITES. These photos were taken from adjacent public land.

^A bulldozer and blade cutting a new perimeter road around Phase 1 of the large solar power tower project on Bureau of Land Management land.

^A truck carrying rolls of tortoise fencing to exclude the reptiles from construction areas.

^Tortoise exclusion fencing along the access road to the project site.

^Motor-grader blading a new perimeter road, with tortoise biologists checking for tortoises, lizards, and snakes. Credit is due to BrightSource Energy for taking above-average care for avoiding desert animals.

^Bulldozer and blade making new road.

^Line of tortoise biologists walking through the desert with bulldozer in the back.

^Clark Mountain.


^Tortoise fence along Phase 1 new perimeter road.

^Blade cutting road around Phase 1 perimeter.

^Bulldozer in the creosote-Mojave yucca desert.

^Desert tortoise male.

^One of a pair of Golden eagles cirlced over Ivanpah Valley east of the project site this day.



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