March 2011 Construction Progress

April 3, 2011- The latest photographs of the large solar thermal power tower project on public land in the East Mojave Desert of California.

^Unit 1 showing the concentric roads that will access mirrors around a central power tower. (Photo by Erin Whitfield).

^Looking southeast down on Units 1, 2 and 3, with the Construction Layout Area graded. Due to the Migratory Bird Act, any nesting birds found in the spring must be allowed to continue nesting. A fenceline on Unit 2 was built around the nest, and after the nesting is finished and the birds leave, the fence will be moved back to its straight position. (Photo by Erin Whitfield).

Before and After Unit 2

^April 2009 view of the desert in the approximate area of the Unit 2 central power block, looking west towards the Clark Mountain Range. Note the small black hill with two peaks on the left.

^The same area graded to level for the central power tower and power block on Unit 2, with the small black hill above the car (Photo: anonymous).

^Construction Layout Area with buildings going up (Photo: anonymous).

^Fenceline of Unit 2 (Photo: anonymous).

^Road inside fenceline of Unit 2 (Photo: anonymous).

^Fenceline of Unit 2 (Photo: anonymous).


^Views from Ivanpah Dry Lake.

^View of the project site in the distance from Nipton Road to the south, looking north through Mojave yuccas.


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